SAP ABAP - How To Edit / Create Customer Specific Message / Text On Login Screen (SE61).

GO TO SE61 T-Code.

Select general text from F4 help.

Type "ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO" in the name field and press enter.

System takes you to the next screen where you can maintain and create text which is to be displayed on login screen.

After Changes have been Made, the screen looks as shown:

Please read note 205487:
You want to display a customer-specific text on the SAPGui logon screen.
Other terms
SAPMSYST, screen 0020, logon, login, signon, sign on screen, logon screen
Reason and Prerequisites
Before Release 4.6 the logon screen, program SAPMSYST screen 0020, was modified for this. As of Release 4.6, modification is no longer necessary.


As of Release 4.6 it is possible to display customer-specific texts on the SAPGui logon screen. See 4.6A release note BC_46A_LOGIN_INFO.

Go to Transaction SE61and select the document class 'General Text' (selection using F4 help), and create a text with the name ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO in the system language determined with the profile parameter zcsa/system_language.

If the text does not exist in the system language, no output is made.
Note that there is space on the logon screen for 16 lines for every 45 fixed-font characters or for approximately 60 proportional font characters.

Title lines (can be recognized by format keys starting with a 'U') are highlighted in the display.
You may also output icons at the beginning of lines by using an icon code (for example, @1D@ for the STOP icon). You can get a list of icon codes from Report RSTXICON. Pay attention to the codes with two '@' symbols displayed by the report. You cannot include text symbols. The function 'include character' cannot be used.

Creating/changing this text requires a changeable system. Therefore, for production systems, SAP recommends maintaining the text in the upstream system and then transporting it. To do this, select a transportable (customer) development class when you create the text and save the active version prior to the export.

The transport is done via the transport object R3TR DOCT ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO
The text can be changed in the original system only (see TADIR entry R3TR DOCT ZLOGIN_SCREEN_INFO). When making a change in a non-original system, a modified text would be generated which cannot be represented sense fully on the initial screen.


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