SAP ABAP - Sample Programs, Tips & Tricks On Report Programming.


- Finding User Exits, Badi's & Enhancements For Any Transaction Or Program.

- Upload Excel Sheet Data Into Internal Table Using FM ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE.

- Uploading Large Data From Excel Sheet To Internal Table Using FM ALSM_EXCEL_TO_INTERNAL_TABLE

- BDC To Create Condition Types & Amount For Tcode MEK1.

- Type Conversion ( Char To Curr Type).

- Type Conversion ( Curr To Char Type).

- Send an excel sheet to the concerned person in an email format via SAP System.

- Upload the financial documents from a legacy system (excel file) into SAP using transaction code FB01.

- Edit / Create Customer Specific Message / Text On Login Screen Via SE61.

- MM - Determine Shelf Life Of Materials.

- Function Module To Verify Valid E-Mail Address.

- Setting Default Values In Selection Screen.

- Programming On Buttons In A Screen.

- Create A Screen With Two TABSTRIPS For A Report Program.

- On Using HOTSPOT Keyword In A Report Program.

- Fetch Company Code Of All The Vendors.

- Generate PDF from ABAP List Output.

- Demonstrate Tabstrips & Subscreens In Selection Screen.

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