SAP ABAP - Sample Programs, Tips & Tricks On SAP Script/Smart Forms.


- Convert Smartform To PDF Document & Mail It To The Concerned As An Attachment.

- Downloading Graphics From Any SAPSCRIPTS.

SMARTFORMS Interview Questions With Answers:

1. What Are Smart Forms In SAP System?
2. What Are The Differences Between SAP Scripts & Smartforms?
3. How Many Main Windows Can We Have In A Smartform?
4. Is It Mandatory To Have A Main Window In Smartforms?
5. What Are The Types Of Windows Available In Smartforms?

6. Explain The Significance Of Main Window?
7. Explain The Significance Of Secondary Window?
8. Explain The Significance Of Copies Window?
9.  Explain The Significance Of Final Window?
10. What Is The Difference Between Tables & Template Node?

11. How To Insert Or Upload Graphics In Smartforms?
12. Can You Force A Page Break Within Table Loop In Smart Forms? If Yes, How?
13. How Do You Create & Maintain Font Style & Font Size Used In Smartforms In SAP?
14. Why SAP Scripts Are Client Dependent & Smartforms Are Client Independent?
15. A SAP R/3 System Has 2 Clients 100 & 110. You Create An SAP Script Z_Script & A Smartform Z_Smartform In Client 100. Will Both Z_Script & Z_Smartform Be Available In Client 110 As Well?

16. How Do You Find The Name Of The Function Module For A Smartform? When Is This Function Module Created?
17. You Have Created A Smartform In Development Server. Then You Transported The Smartform To Production Server. Will The Name Of The Function Module Be Same In Both The Servers?
18. State The Difference Between Form Interface & Global Definitions In Global Settings Of Smartforms? 
19. In A Certain Smartform, For Two Differently Configured Printers, There Seem To Be A Difference In The Output Of Characters Per Inch (The Distance Between Characters Which Gives A Layout Problem - Text In Two Lines Instead Of One. 
20. How Can You Convert Smartforms Output To PDF?

21. How Will You Print On Both Sided Of A Smartform?
22. How Can One Insert Symbols In Smartforms? 
23. How Can I Make The Smartforms To Choose A Printer Name By Default? 
24. How Can I Make The Smartforms To Display A Print Preview By Default Without Displaying The Popup For Print Parameters?
25. How Can I Display The Total Number Of Pages In Smartforms? 

26. Sometimes While Using The Variable SFSY-FORMPAGES Or SFSY-PAGE, You Get A Star '*' Instead Of The Total Number Of Pages Or Current Page Number. How To Resolve Such Issues?
27. What Are The Various Text Formatting Options In Smartforms? 
28. How To Add A Standard Address In A Smart Form?
29. What Is The Concept Of Page Protection In Smart Forms? How Do You Achieve Page Protection In Smart Forms?
30. Can You Move A Smartform From One SAP System To Another Without Using Transports?

31. Why Pages & Windows Node Are Required Or Mandatory While Creating A Smart Form?
32. How Can You Find The Generated Function Module Name For A Smart Form?
33. How Do You Debug A Smart Form?
34. What Are The Different Auxiliary Nodes Available In Smart Form?
35. What are the Text Types available in Smart Form?

36. What Are Text Modules In Smart Forms? What Are The Advantages Of Using Text Module?
37. What Is The Use Of Command Node In Smart Form?
38. Can One Restrict The Translations Of Smart form To Specific Languages?
39. How Can You Translate A Smart Form From One Language To Another?
40. How Do You Assign Transport Request To Translations For Smart Forms?

41. What Is The Use Of Folder Node In Smart Form?
42. How Do You Use Barcode in Smart Form?

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