SAP MM Table Links & Flows - Flow Between Business Organization & Vendor.

MM flow is processing between business organization and Vendor:

1) Purchase Requisition - (T-code: ME51) (Tables: EBAN & EBKN)

2) Source List – (T-code: ME41)

3) Request for Quotation (RFQ) – (T-code: ME41N (To Vendor))

4) Purchase Order – (T-code: ME21N (To Vendor) ) (Tables: EKKO & EKPO)

5) Goods Receipt – (T-code: MIGO) (Tables: MKPF, MSEG)

6) Invoice Verification – (T-code: MIRO) (Tables: BKPF, BSEG)

7) Vendor Payment – (T-code: FB60 (FI - Account Payable) )

Tables in MM (Material Management) Module:

MARA - Material General.
MARC - Material Plant Data.
MAKT - Material Description.
MARD - Material Storage Location Data.
MAST - Material BOM Link.

MBEW - Material Valuation.
MKPF - Material Document Header.
MSEG - Material Document Line Item.
MVKE - Material Sales Data.
T023 - Material Group.
T024 - Purchase Organisation.

EBAN - Purchase Requisition.
EBKN - Account Assignment Purchase Requisition.

EINA - Purchasing Info Record - General Data.
EINE - Purchase Info Record - Purchase Organisation Data.

EKKO - Purchase Order Header Data.
EKPO - Purchase Order Line Item Data.
EKKN - Account Assignment Purchase Order.
EKBE - History Purchase Order.
EKET - Scheduling Agreement Purchase Order.
EKAB - Release Documentation.

For more information on MM Tables,

Important Transactions in MM (Material Management) Module:

MM01 - Material Creation.
ME51N - Purchase Requisition.
ME41 - Request for Quotation.
ME49 - Comparison of Quotation.
ME21N - Purchase Order Creation.
MIGO, MB01 - Goods Receipt.
MIRO - Invoice Verification.
MB1A - Good Issue.


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