Finding Customer Exits Via SE81 SAP Transaction - SAP ABAP.

Finding/Searching of customer exits for any SAP transaction can be achieved in many ways and method.

The second method is via SE81 SAP transaction code.This method is extremely helpful in case if we are looking for customer exits available for a particular business, say MM-Purchasing, SD-Pricing, etc..)

Follow the steps shown below to find customer exits using this method:

1) Go to transaction SE81.

2) Expand MM --> Place The Cursor On MM-PUR --> Go to EDIT option available on the top of the screen --> Click On 'Select Subtree +/-' --> Now Click On Information System Pushbutton available on the screen as shown.

3) You will be directly navigated to the OBJECT NAVIGATOR (SE84).

4) Expand Enhancements --> Expand --> Customer Exits --> Select Enhancements. You can see automatically the package field is filled up with all the packages involved with MM Purchasing.

5) Execute it and you will find all the customer exits available for MM Purchasing. Similarly you can find for SD Billing, SD Master Data, FI Accounts Payable, etc….


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