Finding Customer Exits Via SMOD Transaction - SAP ABAP.

Finding/Searching of customer exits for any SAP transaction can be achieved in many ways and method.

The second method is via SMOD SAP transaction code.

Follow the steps shown below to find customer exits using this method:

1) Go To SMOD Transaction.

2) Press F4 on Enhancement.

3) Click on Information System to make a new search. You will get a new screen as shown:

4) Suppose you want to find all the customer exits for ME21N, ME22N & ME23N. First you need to find the package of these transactions.

5) To find Package of any transaction: Go to ME21N --> System --> Status --> Program --> Double Click On program --> Go to --> Attributes.

In The attributes section you can find the package of the transaction code.

For ME21N, the package is ME.

6) Now that you have got the package name simply put the package name as shown in step 3 and click enter

7) You will get a list of all the function module exits available for the respective package.

You will not be able to find the customer exits for specific transactions by using this method. This method will give you a list of all the function modules exits available in the package.

If you have the package name of any transaction, then you can find the customer exits available for that package through SE84 transaction also.

Execute It. You will get a list of all the customer exits/function module exits available for the package.


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