Sample Program On Implementing Customer Exit - Step-By-Step - SAP ABAP

Say there is a requirement to default sold to party while creating a sales order via VA01 transaction code.

We have a function module exit already available 'EXIT_SAPMV45A_002' which can be used to pre assign sold to party in any sales order.

You need to do the following steps to make this work.

1) Use the program Z_WHERE_USED_EXIT_SMOD_CMOD to find the name of the enhancement and the project of the function module exit.

On executing, we get:

2) Here it can be seen there is no project created for the customer exit.

3) Hence the first step is to create a new project name via CMOD transaction. Assign V45A0002 enhancement to the project and activate it as shown.

4) Go to SE37 --> EXIT_SAPMV45A_002 --> Double Click on Z include. You will get a warning message. Click enter button and you will see a pop up window asking you to create a new object.

5) Click On Yes and save it in a package and request. You will get the zinclude in edit mode. Make your changes and save and activate the z include.

6) Now go to CMOD Transaction and check the components of the project. Here we can see the function module has been implemented and is in active state.

7) Now run VA01 transaction to create a sales order. You can see the sold to party gets defaulted as mentioned in the z include.


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