USER EXITS - Introduction, Importance & How To Find Them - SAP ABAP.

User Exits are possibilities offered by SAP at strategic moments to add additional functions to the SAP standard or to enhance the standard functionality.

User Exits are available for SD Module Only.

User Exits starts with the keyword USEREXIT_. User exits are basically bundled in an include program. Programs with user exits contain subroutine calls at certain points in their syntax that are identified by the prefix USEREXIT. This is where customers can include any changes (enhancements) that they want to make to the system.

Finding User Exits In SD Module:

  • Go To Object Navigator (SE80)
  • Select PACKAGE and type VMOD & Press Enter.
  • You can find a list of user exit available for SD Module.

Includes like MV45AFZZ, MV50AFZZ, MV50AFZ1, RV60AFZZ, etc…. are the most frequently used ones in SD module.

For example,

Check MV45AFZZ include program. This include contain user exits of SD module.

Some of the User Exits Available in this include are:

  • USEREXIT_FIELD_MODIFICATION – User exit can be used to modify the attributes of screen fields.
  • USEREXIT_DELETE_DOCUMENT – User exit can be used to delete data in additional tables when a sales document is deleted.

State the difference between BADI & Customer Exit?

a) BADI's can be used any number of times, where as Customer Exits can be used only one time. Ex: - If you’re assigning a Customer Exits to a project in (CMOD), then you cannot assign the same to other project.

b) BADI's are oops based.


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