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STEP 5: Maintain Structure Relations

In the step ‘Maintain Structure Relations’, the structural relationships between source and target structures are defined. The possible target structures are defined during the selection of the object type and the import technique.

To define structural relationships, position the cursor on the field target structures. On clicking 'Create Relationship' button opens a window that displays the existing source structures for selection.

If you want to change the relation, remove the existing relation first. In addition, you can use Check to check the structural relationships for errors.

In this case, since we have only one source hence relationship is automatically created. Just click on save button and return to the initial screen.

STEP 6: Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

Maintain field mapping (new data or changed data to be stored at which places, that has to be defined here). If the constant value is present, then that also needs to be maintained here. Every field need to be mapped with the source otherwise it won’t read.

  • In the step ‘Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules’, you assign source fields to target fields and define how the field contents will be converted.
  • All fields of target structure, which you selected in the previous step, will be displayed.
  • For each target field the following information is displayed:
                   - Field description
                   - Assigned source fields (if any)
                   - Rule type (fixed value, translation etc.)
                   - Coding
Now place the cursor on BDC_KUNNR and Click on Source Field to Map Each Fields.

To assign a source field, position the cursor on a target field in the tree structure and select Assign source field.

This displays a list of all available source fields for selection. You can assign the fields by double-clicking on them as well.

Map the corresponding fields. After you are done with each field you will see the screen as shown below:

Click On Save and return to the initial screen.

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Step By Step Explained in Detail. 
(Import Method - Batch Input Recording)

STEP 1: Create Project / Sub-Project / Object

STEP 2: Maintain Object Attributes: Select Maintain Object Attributes and Execute

STEP 3: Maintain Source Structures

STEP 4: Maintain Source Fields

STEP 5: Maintain Structure Relations

STEP 6: Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

STEP 7: Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User Defined Routines

STEP 8: Specify Files

STEP 9: Assign Files

STEP 10: Read Data

STEP 11: Display Read Data

STEP 12: Convert Data

STEP 13: Display Converted Data

STEP 14: Create Batch Input Session


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