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STEP 13: Display Converted Data

In the step ‘Display Converted Data’, you can display the converted data, choosing to show all converted data or an interval as shown above.

The data are shown as the target structures, in case more target structures are being used in one transaction, the hierarchy of the transaction is displayed by the use of a different color legend.

By clicking on one of the lines, you proceed to the field level of the line, where you can check the converted data as shown below.

After the step ‘Display Converted Data’ the exact content of the next steps may differ, depending on the import technique that you have chosen in step 1. The steps displayed by the program for the different import techniques are:

Standard batch input or recording:
  • Generate batch input session
  • Run batch input session

Standard direct input:
  • Start direct input session

BAPI or IDoc:
  • Start IDoc creation
  • Start IDoc processing
  • Create IDoc overview
  • Start IDoc post-processing

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Step By Step Explained in Detail. 
(Import Method - Batch Input Recording)

STEP 1: Create Project / Sub-Project / Object

STEP 2: Maintain Object Attributes: Select Maintain Object Attributes and Execute

STEP 3: Maintain Source Structures

STEP 4: Maintain Source Fields

STEP 5: Maintain Structure Relations

STEP 6: Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

STEP 7: Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User Defined Routines

STEP 8: Specify Files

STEP 9: Assign Files

STEP 10: Read Data

STEP 11: Display Read Data

STEP 12: Convert Data

STEP 13: Display Converted Data

STEP 14: Create Batch Input Session


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