Step By Step - Easy Guide On LSMW (For Beginners) With Example - Page 3.

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After entering the annual sales figure click On Save. You will see a new screen as shown below:

Double Click On Fields which you want to map as shown below:

Now keep on saving screen (and return back) until you reach the initial screen as shown below.

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Step By Step Explained in Detail. 
(Import Method - Batch Input Recording)

STEP 1: Create Project / Sub-Project / Object

STEP 2: Maintain Object Attributes: Select Maintain Object Attributes and Execute

STEP 3: Maintain Source Structures

STEP 4: Maintain Source Fields

STEP 5: Maintain Structure Relations

STEP 6: Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

STEP 7: Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User Defined Routines

STEP 8: Specify Files

STEP 9: Assign Files

STEP 10: Read Data

STEP 11: Display Read Data

STEP 12: Convert Data

STEP 13: Display Converted Data

STEP 14: Create Batch Input Session

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