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STEP 14: Create Batch Input Session

Once the source data is converted in an internal format, you can create a batch session to process the necessary updates.

Simply execute it to create a batch input folder. You will get a info message as shown below.

STEP 15: Run batch Input Session

You can execute the BDC session by Run Batch input session. Executing a batch input session is a standard SM35 transaction for managing BDC sessions.

Select the session and click on Process. You will get a pop up and choose the processing mode. Here we select Display errors only as the processing mode.

Once you click on process

Once you have successfully executed the batch input session, the Customer Master records are updated in the system. You can confirm this by viewing the Customer Master records (XD03).


Step By Step Explained in Detail. 
(Import Method - Batch Input Recording)

STEP 1: Create Project / Sub-Project / Object

STEP 2: Maintain Object Attributes: Select Maintain Object Attributes and Execute

STEP 3: Maintain Source Structures

STEP 4: Maintain Source Fields

STEP 5: Maintain Structure Relations

STEP 6: Maintain Field Mapping and Conversion Rules

STEP 7: Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User Defined Routines

STEP 8: Specify Files

STEP 9: Assign Files

STEP 10: Read Data

STEP 11: Display Read Data

STEP 12: Convert Data

STEP 13: Display Converted Data

STEP 14: Create Batch Input Session


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