Assigning A Transaction Code (T-Code) To A LSMW Object - 1.

Step 1: Create Screen Variant.

Go to SHD0 transaction code.

Enter Transaction code as LSMW. Next go to ‘Screen Variants’ tab and enter any name as shown below:

Click On create button. You will be asked to enter the Project/Subproject/Object name of the LSMW object for which tcode has to be created. Once you enter the details press 'ENTER button' to proceed.

A pop up screen appears. Here you have to enter the Screen Variant Name & Description. Also tick the check boxes in ‘W.content’, ‘Output only’ and ‘Required’ columns. Once you are done with all these steps, click on ‘Exit and Save’ button as shown below:

A new screen will appear. On saving you will be asked to enter the package name and the transport request. Fill them up and return back to the initial screen.

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Step By Step Explained in Detail. 
(Assigning a Transaction Code to LSMW)

STEP 1: Create Screen Variant.

STEP2: Create Transaction Variant.

STEP 3: Create Transaction Code Via SE93 Transaction Code.

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