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1. What Are Smart Forms In SAP System?

SAP Smartform is a graphical user interface tool to create and maintain forms. SAP Smart Forms supports printer, fax, e-mail or internet (XML) as its output medium.

SAP Smartform is a tool for the maintenance of forms on which application data from the SAP system can be output. Depending on the application, the number of forms to be printed can be very high, and they might have to be printed in a short period of time, in a mass printing. Examples of mass printing are monthly invoices sent by telecom companies or salary statements.

Transaction Code to create and maintain forms is SMARTFORMS.

2. What Are The Differences Between SAP Scripts & Smartforms?

Differences between SAP Scripts and Smart Forms are:
  • Smart Forms are client independent and SAP Scripts are client dependent.
  • Multiple page formats are possible in Smart Forms which is not the case in SAP Scripts.
  • It is possible to have a Smart Form without a main window where as you create a SAP Script without a main window.
  • Smart Forms generates a function module when activated, which is not the case with SAP Scripts.
  • SAP Scripts require a driver program to display the output whereas in Smart Forms the form routines can be written so that it is standalone.
  • An integrated Form Builder helps to design Smart Forms more easily than SAP Scripts.
  • A Table Painter and Smart Styles to assist in building up the Smart Forms which is not available in SAP Scripts.
  • Smart Forms generates XML output which can be viewed through the web.

3. How Many Main Windows Can We Have In A Smartform?

Unlike SAP Scripts, in Smart Forms you can have only one main window. And that too its width should be same in all the pages whereas height can be varied. Only one main window per smartforms is allowed but you can have 99 sub-windows.

Main Window - Smartforms – Only 1
Main Window – SAP Scripts - 99

4. Is It Mandatory To Have A Main Window In Smartforms?

It is possible to create Smartforms without a main window also. In case, confirmation of a mail to client or customer is required there is no need of main window, this can be achieved or done through smartforms without main window.

5. What Are The Types Of Windows Available In Smartforms?

Four Types of windows available in Smart Forms. They are:

  • Main Window
  • Secondary Window
  • Copies Window
  • Final Window

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