SMARTFORMS-Interview Questions With Answers-SAP ABAP-6.

26. Sometimes While Using The Variable SFSY-FORMPAGES Or SFSY-PAGE, You Get A Star '*' Instead Of The Total Number Of Pages Or Current Page Number. How To Resolve Such Issues?

There may not be enough space in the window to display the variable, either increase the window dimensions or condense the spaces using &SFSY-FORMPAGES(C)& or using &SFSY-FORMPAGES(ZC)& or using &SFSY-FORMPAGES(4ZC)&.

  • '4' reserves a four character wide output. (It can be set to any value.)
  • 'Z' eliminates the leading zeroes.
  • 'C' Compress Spaces.

27. What Are The Various Text Formatting Options In Smartforms?

Various text formatting options available in Smart Forms are:
  • &symbol(Z)& : Omit Leading Zeroes
  • &symbol(S)& : Omit Leading Sign
  • &symbol(<)& : Display Leading Sign to the Left 
  • &symbol(>)& : Display Leading Sign to the Right
  • &symbol(C)& : Compress Spaces
  • &symbol(.N)& : Display up to N decimal places
  • &symbol(T)& : Omit thousands separator
  • &symbol(R)& : Right justified
  • &symbol(I)& : Suppress output of the initial value

28. How To Add A Standard Address In A Smart Form?

Address can be printed quickly and smoothly using the address node available in smartforms. This node is based on Central Address Management (CAM). Addresses can be of 3 types:
  • Company /Organization address type.
  • Workplace address type.
  • Personal address type.

In case if you the address number or the person number is already known, then we just we need to maintain the values in the options given in the address node.

In case if you are fetching the address number or the person number dynamically or during run time, you can achieve it by passing the variable as shown below:

29. What Is The Concept Of Page Protection In Smart Forms? How Do You Achieve Page Protection In Smart Forms?

Page Protection is used to avoid displaying the broken contents of the page and allow it to display in the new page from the beginning after the previous page.

Page Protection attribute is to be used to determine whether or not to display a paragraph completely on one page. Mark it if you want to avoid that a paragraph is split up by a page break. If on the current page (only in the main window) there is not enough space left for the paragraph, the entire paragraph appears on the next page.

While one can use the PROTECT ..... ENDPROTECT command for SAP-Scripts, for Smart Forms the Page-Protection checkbox can be used to ensure page protection.

Note: You have Page-protection property only for Text Elements in the Main Window.

30. Can You Move A Smartform From One SAP System To Another Without Using Transports?

Yes, this can be achieved using the Upload/Download feature for Smartforms. One can download the Smartform from one system and save it as an XML file. Once that is done, the XML file can be used to upload the Smartform in another system.

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