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37. What Is The Use Of Command Node In Smart Form?

Command Nodes can be used to achieve page break. By using Command Node, one can manually control the numbers of records to be displayed per page based on some condition.

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38. Can One Restrict The Translations Of Smart form To Specific Languages?

Yes, one can restrict the translations of Smart forms to specific languages by creating a super set of languages for which you want to allow the translations. Go to form Attributes --> General Attributes --> Language Attributes --> Into Selected Language.

Select all the languages for which you want the translation to happen.

39. How Can You Translate A Smart Form From One Language To Another?

In smart forms, if you want a user to see the text in other languages (other than language in which smart form is created) , in Global settings ,we need to select radio button Into Selected languages and maintain the Translations in that particular language using SE63.

There is no other way to automate this process but to maintain translations with human intervention for selected languages.

In SE63 transaction, Use path Translations -> ABAP objects -> Other Long Text. Click on Forms and Styles & Select Forms.

Please give object name in CAPITALS. Also select Source and target language from F4 help.

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40. How Do You Assign Transport Request To Translations For Smart Forms?

Once you are done with your translation and you want to push the translation to your target system, you need a transport request. Run the transaction code SLXT or program RS_LXE_RECORD_TORDER for creation of transport request.

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41. What Is The Use Of Folder Node In Smart Form?

Folder option is useful for placing all the contents into a single place which we call as logical grouping. If we want to put a condition on a group of text elements or templates we can place them in a folder and apply the condition once to the folder.

Folder option allows you to place all the contents into a single place. This is basically useful when you have number of windows and with each window you have different graphics, texts, tables, templates used. So to differentiate between 2 windows we generally go for folders and place all contents of one window in a folder and wise versa.

Page Protection property of Folder control will be used in order to display text in the same page without separating it into two different pages. If there is not enough space for a text node, or a group of text nodes, a group of table rows, etc. the items will be displayed as a group on the next page with maintaining the integrity of these items.

In SAP Smartforms documents frequently it is a requirement to print data in same page. For example in a Smart Form table, some of the table rows are required to print in same page together. If the empty space is not enough it is preferred to print those table rows in following page together. In such cases Smartforms Folder control helps ABAP developers creating SAP Smartforms documents. Folder control is the key for page protection in Smartforms.

SAP Smartform Folder control has the Page Protection attribute which can be used by SAP Smart Form developers as a switch for keeping items in the same page.

42. How Do You Use Barcode in Smart Form?

First go to SE73 SAP Script Font Maintenance to create or display the system bar codes.

Then go to SMARTSTYLES transaction, create a new character format and assign the barcode name that you have created in it. Then you can use the character format in your Smartform wherever you want the barcode to be displayed.

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