SMARTFORMS-Interview Questions With Answers-SAP ABAP-3.

11. How To Insert Or Upload Graphics In Smartforms?

Graphics node is used to insert company logos as well as other graphics in any part of the smartform. Before including a logo in a smartform, one must first upload the graphic from the local PC system to SAP system using SE78 transaction. The imported graphic/image must be of *.BMP or *.TIF extension.

12. Can You Force A Page Break Within Table Loop In Smart Forms? If Yes, How?

Create a loop around the table. Put a Command node before the table in the loop that forces a NEWPAGE on whatever condition you want. Then only loop through a subset of the internal table (based on the conditions in the Command node) of the elements in the Table node.

13. How Do You Create & Maintain Font Style & Font Size Used In Smartforms In SAP?

We can use Transaction SMARTSTYLES. Here we can create and maintain Paragraph formats and character formats as per the requirement.

We can use our own custom SMARTSTYLES in our Smart Form. We can mention the Smart Style under the following path.

Global Settings --> Form Attributes -->Output Options tab --> Style.

14. Why SAP Scripts Are Client Dependent & Smartforms Are Client Independent?

Smart Forms create its own function module so it doesn’t need to transport the request through SCC1. As all the Development Object are stored in client independent tables. Whereas SAP Script doesn’t generate any function module while executing so we need to transport the request number through SCC1. Sap Script is stored inside the client dependent table as a TEXT. So SAP Scripts are client dependent and Smart Forms are client independent.

15. A SAP R/3 System Has 2 Clients 100 & 110. You Create An SAP Script Z_Script & A Smartform Z_Smartform In Client 100. Will Both Z_Script & Z_Smartform Be Available In Client 110 As Well?

Client 110 will have just the Smartform Z_Smartform and not the SAP Script Z_Script. SAP-Script is client dependent whereas SMARTFORM is client independent. One will have to manually import the SAP Script to 110 through SCC1 transaction in SAP.

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