14 SAP LSMW Interview Questions With Answers.

Here we bring to you most frequently asked interview question set with answers on SAP Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW). Click on the links and find out the answers.

This compilation of interview questions will help you handle interview questions related to Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) with ease. Please comment below if you find any answer incorrect, or in case if you want to add some more questions, please post your comments.

1. What Is LSMW All About?
2. State The Difference Between LSMW and BDC?
3. When Should We Prefer Using LSMW Over Other Legacy Data Transfer Methods?
4. What Are The Advantages Of LSMW?
5. What is The Disadvantages Of LSMW?

6. What Are The Import Methods Available In LSMW? State the Advantage & Disadvantage Of Each Method?
7. What Is Data Migration & What Is The Significance Of Data Migration. State The Most Important Data Migration Tools Available In SAP?
8. What Are The Main Functions Of LSMW?
9. Can LSMW Be Used For Handling Multiple Recordings?
10. Can You Carry Out Validations Or Say Can You Write Your Custom Code In LSMW?

11. Can Data Be Transferred From One R/3 To Another R/3 Via LSMW?
12. Is It Possible To Assign A Transaction Code To a LSMW Object?
13. What Kind Of Data Can Be Migrated Using The LSMW? Is It Certain That The Imported Data Will Be Consistent?
14. How Many Steps Needs To Be Followed While Using LSMW For Data Migartion. Also Mention The Steps Sequentially.

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