30 SAP RFC Interview Questions With Answers.

Here we bring to you most frequently asked interview question set with answers on SAP Remote Function Call (RFC). Click on the links and find out the answers.

This compilation of interview questions will help you handle interview questions related to Remote Function Call (RFC) with ease. Please comment below if you find any answer incorrect, or in case if you want to add some more questions, please post your comments.

1. What Do You Mean By RFC? Explain In Detail.
2. What Is An RFC Interface? What are the types of RFC Interface?
3. What Are The Functions Of RFC Interface?
4. Explain A Scenario Where There Will Be A Need Of Using RFC?
5. What Are The Advantages Of RFC – Remote Function Call?

6. For What Purposes Can RFC’s Be Used?
7. State Whether RFC’s Are Client Dependent Or Client Independent Objects?
8. What Are The Types of RFC’s available in SAP System?
9. How Are RFC’s Executed? In Background Or Dialog Work Processes?
10. State Some Factors That Can Increase The Response Time Of An RFC Connection Between Two Systems?

11. What Is Synchronous RFC (sRFC)?
12. What Is Asynchronous RFC (aRFC)?
13. What Is Transactional RFC (tRFC)?
14. What Is Queued RFC (qRFC)?
15. What Is The Disadvantage Of Using Queued RFC (qRFC)?

16. What Is Fast RFC (fRFC)?
17. What Is Parallel Processing In RFC (pRFC)?
18. What Are The Features Of Transactional RFC (tRFC)?
19. What Are the Disadvantages of Transactional RFC (tRFC)?
20. State the difference between Synchronous RFC (sRFC), Asynchronous RFC (aRFC), Transactional RFC (tRFC), Queued RFC (qRFC) and Parallel RFC (pRFC)?

21. What Do You Mean By The Terms RFC Client & RFC Server?
22. What Do You Understand By The Term DESTINATION Used In RFC?
23. How Parameter Handling Is Different For Remote Function Calls & Local Function Calls?
24. Can We Call Remote Function Calls Locally?
25. Can a Server System Call Remote Function Of Client System BACK or When to use DESTINATION ‘BACK’?

26. How Can You Differentiate Types Of RFC By Syntax In An ABAP Program?
27. What Do You Mean By Trusted RFC Connections? What Are The Advantages Of It?
28. What Are The Different Testing Options Available For RFC Connection?
29. How To Debug A Remote Function Call (RFC)?
30. What Are The Basic Transaction Codes Used For RFC's?

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