30 SAP ABAP BDC Interview QnA's - Questions With Answers

Here's a list of Interview Questions With Answers on SAP ABAP Batch Data Communication (BDC). Click on the question to find out the answer. Also please discuss and share answers or questions if you have any in the comment box.

1. What Is BDC Programming?
2. What Are The Advantages Of Using BDC As An Interface Technique?
3. What Are The Different Methods Of BDC Available In SAP System?
4. What Are The Fields Present In The BDC Table?
5. What Are The Function Modules Required To Create A Batch Input Session? In What Sequence Are They Called?

6. What Are The Two Methods To Process Batch Input Sessions?
7. For What Purpose RSBDCSUB Program Is Used?
8. Which Transaction Is Used To Process Batch Input Session? What Are The Different Modes Of Processing Batch Input Sessions?
9. What Are The Update Modes Available While Processing Batch Input Sessions? What Is The Difference Between Synchronous & Asynchronous Update?
10. What Is The Importance Of HOLDDATE Parameter In BDC_OPEN_GROUP Function Module?

11. What Is The Importance Of KEEP Parameter In BDC_OPEN_GROUP Function Module?
12. What Is The Importance Of POST_LOCAL Parameter In BDC_INSERT Function Module?
13. What Is The Biggest Disadvantage Of Using Batch Input Session Method?
14. What Is To Be Done When The System Crashes In The Middle Of A BDC Batch Session? What Do You Do With Errors In BDC Batch Session?
15. How Do You Find Screen No., Program Name & Field Names From Any Transaction Code?

16. What Are The Difference Between Call Session Method & Call Transaction Method?
17. On What Basis Do You Decide When To Use Call Session Method & When To Use Call Transaction Method?
18. What Is The Syntax For Call Transaction Statement?
19. What Is The Difference Between The Different Update Modes Available For Call Transaction Statement?
20. How Do You Handle BDC For A Table Control?

21. How To Capture Messages While Processing Call Transaction In BDC?
22. Differentiate Between Synchronous & Asynchronous Update Mode in BDC?
23. Which Of The Following Method Of BDC Allow Multiple Transactions To Be Processed By SAP? Call Transaction Or Call Session?
24. Which Mode Of CALL TRANSACTION Method Allows Background Processing?
25. What Should Be The Step By Step Approach For Writing A BDC Program?

26. What Is CTU_PARAMS In BDC? What Are The Different Components Available In This Structure?
27. Explain A Scenario Where NOBINPT Component OF CTU_PARAMS Can Be Used In BDC?
28. Sometimes BDC Stops Before The End. Also No Error Message Gets Captured. What Might Be The Issue?
29. How To Handle Screen Resolution Issue In BDC?

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