SAP ABAP BDC-Interview Questions With Answers-1.

1. What Is BDC Programming?

BDC stands for Batch Data Communication. Batch Data Communication (BDC) is the oldest batch interfacing technique that is available in SAP. BDC works on the principle of simulating user input for transactional screen, via an ABAP program.

BDC is used to transfer data. Generally it is used to transfer data from one SAP system to another SAP system or from a non-SAP system to SAP system. To transfer the data BDC uses transactional codes available in the system. BDC is generally used to transfer large amounts of data into SAP system available in electronic form.

2. What Are The Advantages Of Using BDC As An Interface Technique?

There are three advantages of using BDC as an interface technique:
  • BDC works by carrying out normal SAP transactions just as a user would use it but it execute the transaction automatically. All the screen validations and business logic validation will be done while using Batch Data Input.
  • BDC is suitable for entering large amount of data.
  • No manual interaction is required while uploading data into SAP System.

3. What Are The Different Methods Of BDC Available In SAP System?

SAP provides two methods for transferring legacy data or non-SAP data into the SAP System.
  • Classical Batch Input method also called as Session Method.
  • Call Transaction Method.

4. What Are The Fields Present In The BDC Table?

While writing a BDC program, standard structure ‘BDCDATA’ is used to collect this information. The BDCDATA structure includes the following fields:
  • PROGRAM [Char 40] - Online program name.
  • DYNPRO [Numc 4] - Screen number.
  • DYNBEGIN [Char 1] - Flag to indicate the start of a new screen.
  • FNAM [Char 132] - Field name of a screen field to be filled with data.
  • FVAL [Char 132] - The actual value to be filled into the specified screen field.

BDCDATA structure is used to create an internal table in the BDC program which collect the above information for an entire transaction.

Syntax for declaring an internal table that collects the screen information for processing batch input.

DATA: gt_bdcdata type table of bdcdata.

5. What Are The Function Modules Required To Create A Batch Input Session? In What Sequence Are They Called?

To create a batch input session, following function modules are called in the given sequence:
  • BDC_OPEN_GROUP - Opens the batch input session.
  • BDC_INSERT - Inserts transaction data (collected in the BDC internal table) into the batch input session.
  • BDC_CLOSE_GROUP - Close the batch input session.

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