SAP ABAP BDC-Interview Questions With Answers-2.

6. What Are The Two Methods To Process Batch Input Sessions?

There are two methods to process batch input session:
  • Manually process batch input sessions in the Session Overview i.e. SM35 transaction code.
  • Execute program RSBDCSUB.

7. For What Purpose RSBDCSUB Program Is Used?

Using the Session Overview is one method to processing batch input sessions. Another method is to execute the RSBDCSUB program is used for processing batch input sessions. It schedules a session to be processed in the background. When this program is executed, a parameter screen prompts the user for the session name.

Also one can schedule this program to be executed in background where a variant would be required for the parameter screen. Also by using SUBMIT statement, RSBDCSUB program can be executed from any ABAP program.

8. Which Transaction Is Used To Process Batch Input Session? What Are The Different Modes Of Processing Batch Input Sessions?

Transaction code SM35 is used to process Batch Input Session. The different modes of processing batch input sessions are:
  • FOREGROUND: In this mode the screens will be displayed with the appropriate fields filled in as if one is executing the transactions online. Generally used for initial testing.
  • DISPLAY ERRORS ONLY: In this mode, a screen is only displayed if an error (E) or abend (A) message is issued on the screen.
  • BACKGROUND: In this mode, the session is sent to be processed in the background processing system (i.e. no screens are displayed).

9. What Are The Update Modes Available While Processing Batch Input Sessions? What Is The Difference Between Synchronous & Asynchronous Update?

The update mode when processing batch input sessions can be synchronous or asynchronous.

Synchronous updating means that an update is completed for one transaction (or record) before processing continues to the next transaction (or record) in the batch input session. Asynchronous does not wait for the update before continuing.

10. What Is The Importance Of HOLDDATE Parameter In BDC_OPEN_GROUP Function Module?

HOLDDATE parameter is to be used when there is a requirement to lock session until a decided date. The batch input session cannot be processed until this ‘lock date’. The default value for this parameter is no date, so the batch input session can be processed immediately.

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