SAP ABAP/Data Dictionary-Interview Questions With Answers.

Here's a list of Interview Questions With Answers on SAP ABAP Dictionary / Data Dictionary. Click on the question to find out the answer. Also please discuss and share answers or questions if you have any in the comment box.

1) What Is The Difference Between Native SQL & Open SQL?
2) What Is ABAP Dictionary Or Data Dictionary? What Is The Transaction To Access ABAP Dictionary?
3) What Are The Objects Of the ABAP Dictionary Or What Types Of Objects Can Be Created In The ABAP Dictionary?
4) What Are The 3 Types Of Tables In SAP?
5) What Do You Mean By Transparent Tables In SAP ABAP?

6) What Do You Mean By Pooled Tables In SAP ABAP? Also Explain What Do You Mean By Table Pool?
7) What Do You Mean By Cluster Tables In SAP ABAP? Also Explain What Do You Mean By Table Cluster?
8) What Are The Differences Between Transparent Tables, Pooled Tables & Cluster Tables?
9) What Is A View In SAP?
10) What Are The Different Types Of Views In SAP?

11) What Is A Database View?
12) What Is A Projection View?
13) What Is A Maintenance View?
14) What Is A Help View?
15) State The Differences Between Database View & Projection View?

16) What Are The Relational Operations That Can Be Performed On View In SAP?
17) What Is A Delivery Class?
18) What Are The Three Options Of Table View Maintenance While Creating A Table? Differentiate Between Them?
19) What Is The Importance Of Technical Settings While Creating A Table In ABAP Dictionary?
20) What Are Data Classes? What Are The Various Data Classes Available For Selection?

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