Fixed Value Append to Standard Domains - SAP ABAP DDIC Enhancements.

Fixed value appends are modification-free enhancements. With fixed value appends we can enhance a fixed value range at the domain level. The fixed values restrict users from entering values that are not part of a pre-approved list, such as selecting the type of fare for a flight or add a customer type. Below is a example of adding one new customer (e.g. Executive customer) to a Flight bookings Customer type S_CUSTTYPE.

STEP 1: Open SE11, select Domain, and enter the name of the domain which we want to enhance. Please see below example. I am using the S_CUSTTYPE domain.

Click the Display button and Click the Value Range tab

STEP 2: In above screen, Follow menu path Goto > Fixed Value Append. A pop-up dialog box appears. Enter the name of the fixed value append, which must start with Y or Z, and click the OK icon. Please see below screen shots

Click Ok and enter name z_new_customer

Click OK

STEP 3: Enter a short description for the new fixed value append. Then click the Value Range tab and enter the new fixed values and their descriptions. Please see below screen shots

STEP 4: Click the save and then click the activate icon to activate the fixed value append.  A fixed value append for the S_CUSTTYPE domain has successfully created. Please see below screenshot


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