Debugging of F110 Idocs - SAP.

One cannot debug F110 transaction logic directly as it gets triggered in background.

Let’s take an example for better understanding.

Example: Identify the Segments for IDOC creation for Bank data.

EXIT_SAPLIEDP_902 is the user exit to add/modify segments in PEXR2002 IDoc, if the contents differs for each payment document number processed in the IDoc. This user exit is called at the end of processing for each payment document. For Example, one can use it for manipulating the PAYEXT IDoc before it is sent to the banks for clearing the payment to the vendors.

To debug this user exit, first you need to set and save the parameters in F110 transaction.

Step By Step For Parameter’s Creation:

1. Parameter:  Fill vendor details also as per your requirement.

2. Free Selection: Nothing to be selected.

3. Additional Log: Fill vendor data as per the requirement.

4. Printout / Data Medium: Here program RFF0EDI1 is the main program to debug F110. Here we need to give variant as per the company code used.

Now save the data.

Next, Click On "Create Proposal" button available beside Status button. We need to check the box "Create Payment Medium" and also set checkbox for "Start Immediately".

Press enter and proposal will be created.

 Next, Payment run needs to be done. For this, click on "Payment Run" button available beside "Status" button.

Click payment run beside status. Check “Create Payment Medium" option.

Now put a breakpoint in the exit  and the program and run the program RFF0EDI1 with the payment run date and identification and variant saved in F110 through SE38.

If the above exit is not what you are looking for there are two other user exits EXIT_SAPLIEDP_901 and EXIT_SAPLIEDP_903, which are called at the beginning and end of processing for each bank (i.e., EDI partner) .

For other details also you can put breakpoint at the start of the program, follow all the above process in F110 transaction, then in se38 run the program RFF0EDI1 and debug.


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