SAP HANA - Overview, Goals, Features, Key Drivers & Power Of HANA.

SAP HANA (High-performance ANalytical Appliance) is an in-memory database engine from SAP that is used to analyze large data sets in real time that reside entirely in memory. Very crudely it is a Database System which totally changes the DBMS methodology and it can be deployable on premises or over cloud.

HANA is the first system to let you to perform real-time online analytical processing (OLAP) analysis on an online transaction processing (OLTP) data structure. As a result, you can address today’s demand for real-time business insights by creating business applications that previously were neither feasible nor cost-effective.

  • Enable New Application and Optimize Existing Application.
  • High Performance and Scalability.
  • Hybrid Data Management System.
  • Compatible with Standard DBMS feature.
  • Support for Text analysis, indexing and search.
  • Cloud support and application isolation.
  • Executing application logic inside the data layer.

  • HANA usage full capability of new hardware which not only optimize the current application but also enables new application and scenarios which was not possible before
  • Multi-Core CPU and parallelization. Distributed across multiple server for better scalability.
  • Support in memory storage (row-based, column-based, object-based), traditional disk based table, text analysis and search.
  • All features of a current RDBMS


  • Driver
  • High data volume Growth rate expected traditional databases would not be able to run at the expected performance levels
    • Current Hardware has reached EOL
    • Latest Platform for enabling Business innovations with functional upgrade
    • Hardware upgrade
  • Technical Upgrade 
    • BW to BW 7.4 
    • ECC to EHP 7
  • Keeping up with Rapid Evolution of Technology 
    • Decision of choosing the right analytic products and apt Reporting platform
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Infrastructure
    • Considering moving to the latest platform so that solution is future proof & also suitable business and IT advantages are gained using the power of HANA (subject to suitable ROI)


  • Give business users the power to investigate and visualize their data with advanced analytic tools.
  • Power applications that deliver real-time insights to drive more effective and timely decision making.
  • Accelerate analytics, business processes, data processing, and predictive capabilities to run business in real-time.
  • Quickly setup, deploy, and build real-time applications that feature mobile, collaboration, big data, and analytics services.


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