2-SAP S/4 HANA Migration Cockpit (LTMC) -Step By Step Instructions To Transfer Data - Part II.

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  Step 7: A pop-up will appear. Click on OK.

Step 8: Next screen "Migration Object Details" will appear.

Step 9: To download the Excel template for this object (Sales Order), click on button "Download Template".

Step 10. Excel template will be downloaded. It would be an Excel xml file (extension .xml) and therefore you have to open the file in excel using "Open with" option.

Step 11: Template can have multiple Excel Sheets depending on the migration object.

  • Read the instructions in "Introduction" Excel sheet carefully. 
  • Excel Sheet "Field List" has information about all the sheets and fields i.e. whether Sheet or Field is mandatory or not.

  • Excel sheets are protected. It will not allow to delete columns, change column headings etc. Enter the data in respective sheets in given area only.

Step 12: Fill the template with data to be uploaded and save the file.

In each migration object, for most of the fields (e.g Sales Org., Sales Doc. Type, Distribution Channel, Division, Order Reason, Payment Term etc. in above case), LTMC gives you an option to convert the values of source/legacy system to values of target S/4HANA system. That means, you can fill the template with source system values too.

Step 13: Switch back to LTMC and click on "Upload File" button.

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