3-SAP-Additional Tab For Vendors In BP (Business Partner) Transaction - Part III.

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Step 10: Next, navigate to Business Partner->Control->Screen Sequences. Click on New Entries button and Create a new screen sequence named ‘ZLFA1’ and Set a description and save changes as shown below.

Now Double click on Screen Sequence Categories. Create a new category named ‘ZLFA1’ New Entries button and select the checkbox Divisibility as shown below.

Now Select the Screen Sequence Category 'ZLFA1' and double click on Screen Sequence Category -> Screens Sequence. Set screen sequence 'ZLFA1' already created in the previous step.  Select the standard radio button as shown below and Save the changes.

Now go back to Screen Sequences.

Select BUP001 and click on double click on Screen Sequence -> Screens. Set item number as screen name 'ZLFA1' already created as shown below. Save the changes.

Step 11: Next, navigate to Business Partner->Control->Divisibility->BP Views.
Here, we are creating a new tab in FI Vendor role (FLVN00). Select FLVN00 and double click on BP View -> Data Sets.

Set Data Set name 'ZLFA01' as created above and Save the changes.

Now Double click on BP View->Calling Applications. Set Application 'ZLFA' already created and save the changes.

Now one can see the newly additional tab in BP under FLVN00 role. The job is not over yet, a few events must be defined to support the data added in the additional tab.

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