3-SAP S/4 HANA Migration Cockpit (LTMC)-Step By Step Instructions To Transfer Data - Part III.

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  Step 14: Choose the file using "Browse…" button. Description & Comments are optional. Then click on "Upload".

Step 15: File will be uploaded, and migration status will be "Not Active".
  • You can upload more files by repeating steps above (step 13 & 14).
  • Multiple files can be transferred to target system in one go.

Step 16: Select the file and click on "Activate" button.

Step 17: After activation, status will be changed to "Not Started". Now click on "Start Transfer" button.

  • All uploaded files (recently uploaded or existing already) which have status "Not Started" or "In Process" will be considered for transfer to target system.
  • Any file which have "Not Started" or "In Process" status, and you don’t want to process that file; select the corresponding file/row and click on "Deactivate" button. Status will be changed to "Not Active" and file will be ignored.

Step 18: On click on "Start Transfer" button, system will show below warning. Click on "Ok".

Step 19: On Next screen a pop-up will appear to show the activity progress. After progress is 100%, click on "Close" button on pop-up.

  • Transfer process has four steps/activities:
    • Validate Data
    • Convert Values
    • Simulate Import
    • Execute Import
  • Result of each steps in form of Error/Warning/Information/Success message will be shown in Notification area (bottom of the page).

Step 20: In Notification area (bottom of the page), you can check the results. In "Priority" field, choose whether you want to show All, Information, Warning, Error or Success messages.

You can click on export to Excel button to export the log file to Excel. This log, you can check in SAP system also in Application Log (Transaction SLG1). Further details are mentioned later in this document (In Troubleshooting section).

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