4-SAP S/4 HANA Migration Cockpit (LTMC)-Step By Step Instructions To Transfer Data - Part IV.

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Step 21: If there is no error, click on "Next" button for next activity "Convert Values".

Step 22: System will show all fields where system expects conversion i.e. target value need to be confirmed.

Step 23: You can select respective field (row) and click on "Process Task" button to maintain conversion values. For example:

On pop-up choose the target value or customizing value and click on "Save" button.

Now select next row and again click on "Process Task" button.

On pop-up, check if target value is correct or choose correct target value and click on "Save".

If you have filled the Excel template with S/4HANA Target values i.e. no conversion necessary, then select all fields/rows by clicking on select all button and click on "Confirm Mapping Values" button.

Conversion/Mapping will be complete for all fields/rows. System will show that all mapping tasks processed.

If you confirmed any mapping value by mistake and now want to change the mapping value. Choose the "Completed" option from drop-down field "Show".

Select the desired row/field and click on "Process Task" to change the mapping values.

Step 24: Click on "Next" button to start the next step/activity "Simulate Import".

Step 25: In case of any error in activity, it will appear in Notification area, in same way as first activity "Validation data".

If error is related to any master data, you can take the corrective action in SAP system accordingly. After resolving the error, click on "Repeat Simulation" button.

In case of any wrong data was entered in template which resulted into error, then: Click on "Cancel" button.

Select the respective file and either delete the file using "Delete" button or de-activate using "Deactivate" button.

Now correct the data in Excel template file and upload the file again. Repeat the transfer process again.

LTMC does not allow to upload the two files with same name. Therefore, if a file is already uploaded with same name, you must change the file name to be able to successfully upload it.

Step 26: Click on "Next" button to start last activity "Execute Import". Popup will show the progress of activity. Click on "Close" once progress is 100%.

Step 27: If there is no error, sales order/s will be uploaded in target S/4HANA system. In notification area, you can choose "Success" in dropdown list for field "Priority:" and can find the sales order number/s generated in target system.

Step 28:Click on "Finish" button. Migration status of file will be changed to "Finished".

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Important SAP Notes

Below are some important SAP notes for SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit. You can have a look at these.

  • 2537549 - Collective SAP Note and FAQ for SAP S/4HANA Migration cockpit (on premise)
  • 2481235 - SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit (on premise) - restrictions and extensibility of pre-delivered migration objects
  • 2506041 - S4TWL: API RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN is not supported from the release S/4 HANA OP 1709 FPS2 and in Cloud Edition 1805 onwards
  • 2650201 - Migration Cockpit How to create/update data records


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