Add Fiori Apps To Fiori Launch Pad - SAP HANA - Step By Step.

As S/4 HANA uses Fiori Apps as User Interface, many times we get requirement to add new Fiori Apps to our Launch Pad. This is a simple How-to guide (Step By Step Guide) to add Fiori Apps to Fiori Launch pad.

SAP Fiori Launchpad for S/4HANA can integrate various UX application technologies. Among these technologies, we can find;
  • SAP UI (ODATA based Fiori Apps)
  • SAP GUI for HTML (SAP Transaction available in HTML for Fiori)

Required Authorization:

Access required for below transactions including Fiori Launch Pad and Fiori Designer:
  • SICF - Service maintenance.
  • PFCG - Role Maintenance.
  • /n/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE - Activate and Maintain Services.

Steps To Add SAP UI Fiori To Fiori Launchpad:

STEP 1: Find the required Fiori Apps from Fiori Library

Here, We have taken a simple example of Fiori App: Create Inbound Deliveries

Search for required App in Fiori Library.

Go to Implementation Information and note below information:

Catalog ID

Get Catalog ID from Implementation Information>Installation>Configuration>Technical Configuration

Get "Path to Service Node" from Implementation Information-->Installation-->Configuration-->SAP UI Application.

Get ODATA service(s) from Implementation Information-->Installation-->Configuration-->ODATA Services

Catalog ID
Path to Service Node
ODATA service(s)

STEP 2:  Assign Fiori Application to a Role.
Use existing role from user master to add Fiori Application or create new role and assign to user.

Transaction PFCG to create new role. Select "SAP Fiori Tile Catalog" in Menu Tab

Add Catalog ID (from Step 1) and continue.

Catalog ID gets added to Role.

Add role to user

STEP 3: Activate ICF node.

Go to Transaction SICF and navigate to ICF path found in Step 1.
Enter Service Path and execute.

Activate the service if not activated. Choose the service and right click to activate the service.

STEP 3:  Activate OData Services for SAP Fiori Launchpad

Go to transaction /n/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE - Activate and Maintain Services and choose "Add Service"

Enter ODATA service (noted from step 1) in "Technical Service Name" field and choose "Get Services"

(Choose Co Deployed if, both Fiori front end and back end are implemented in same server)

Select back End services and choose "Add Selected Services" Button.

STEP 4: Launch Fiori Launch Pad and add required App.
Go to your user account and choose “App Finder”

Search for "Inbound Deliveries" App in search field. Required Fiori App is shown.


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