SAP Fiori – Manage Customer Line Items Configuration - Step By Step

Step By Step config to activate SAP Fiori Application to Manage Customer Line Items.

Reference Link:'F0711')/W7
  • All the required versions as per SAP recommendation exist in the landscape.
  • Fiori Launch Pad and Launchpad designers are ready to use with appropriate authorizations.
  • Fiori add-on packages deployed to configure applications ((UIAPFI70 200,
  • SAP_FIN 720 - SP 0)
  • SAP Note 2058202,2058363 should be implemented.
  • Backend application is working perfectly.
  • RFC Connections should exist from gateway to ECC with trusted setup
  • System alias with reference to above RFC Destination should be created.


1. Activate FIN_CUST_LITS SICF Service under path sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap


3. Open Launchpad designer using below URL. Hostname is gateway server hostname.


Standard SAP_SFIN_BC_REC_CLERK Tile Catalog contains multiple fiori applications as shown below.

Choose + to create Tile Catalog and give details as shown below.

Save and Observe that no tile/target mapping exist in new custom tile catalog.


Open standard SAP_SFIN_BC_REC_CLERK Tile Catalog. Manage Customer Line Items Tile into Copy icon as shown below.

It will ask for Target Tile Catalog to copy this tile as shown below. Select custom tile catalog which created.

The copied tile looks as shown below:

Tiles count is 1 and still Target Mapping count is 0. Now again open the standard business catalog and copy the target mapping of Manage Customer Line Items as shown below.

Select target tile catalog as shown below

Now observe that target mapping also copied into custom tile catalog.

4. Create custom group and assign the new tile catalog.

Select Groups from header and choose + icon as shown below and give Title and ID before saving.

Open the newly created group and add tile

Select the custom tile catalog and choose the below icon to add it to the group

Note: To make these custom tile catalog and group visible to end users from fiori Launchpad, standard pfcg role should be copied and modified with these corresponding fiori tile catalog and fiori tile group from transaction menu. Always create custom role by copying standard role related to application from documentation and add additional authorizations.

Front End :



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