SAP Fiori– Required Components Verification Check - Prerequisite.

The purpose of this blog is to verify/cross-check whether the existing gateway server or backend server has required versions including with component level versions to start configuration of SAP Fiori applications.


Basis Team should deploy the corresponding fiori add-on packages in Gateway server and backend server as well if backend server is separate server.

  1. Check all the fiori applications which should be implemented as per project plan.
  2. Collect all the required versions needed from the Fiori APP Library link which is single point of reference link for all SAP Fiori applications.'F0392')

Users can search any fiori application related documentation like below

Choose IMPLEMENTATION INFORMATION tab as shown below.

Choose Delivery Date and select appropriate one among them and compare required gateway (Front End Server) and back-end server versions which is useful during planning and execution stages.

After selecting delivery date, expand the Installation Panel as shown below to observe the required Add-on Packages, Gateway version, back-end version and components version required to run fiori applications.

Note: Implement required SAP Notes as mentioned in the documentation before starting configurations which will save troubleshooting time.

Make sure to start configuration activities only if required version prerequisites meet.

3.  Verify the existing versions of gateway and backend servers including with components information.

 Login Gateway/Backend system and navigate as shown below.

 Select Component Information icon

Check the Gateway/backend-server versions similarly including with component information with SP Levels.


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