SAP Fiori– Troubleshoot Fiori Applications - In Simple Words

This blog is useful for ABAPer's to troubleshoot issues related to SAP Fiori Application from both frontend and backend.


Fiori Applications implemented successfully in the landscape.


  • Open the fiori application directly from URL or from fiori launchpad and collect the URL of the application. For Example: My Timesheet application considered for reference.

  • Open the standard fiori UI application by appending the query ?sap-ui-debug=true  to the URL to debug the front end UI5 code.

Choose F12 to open the developer tools of browser.

Choose Source tab and open the relevant source files to debug. Set debugging points in the source code by selecting the line number of code and verify the run time data of variables by adding them as watch points.

Choose Console Tab and Network tabs for high level error details and odata calls which gives clue to resolve issues.

  • Check the activated odata service from Gateway server. (TCode: /IWFND/MAINT_SERVICE).

Use Call Browser button which should open the respective odata in new browser window with odata details. If it gives any error, use the same information for troubleshooting the issue.

Use Gateway Client button to test odata service related entityset.

Use Service Implementation button to test whether system alias is perfectly navigating to the respective system to show specific odata technical details or not. If it shows error, try to validate RFC Destination and System Alias setup.

  • Test the specific odata service URL from Gateway server. (Tcode: /IWFND/GW_CLIENT).
Test odata url from Request URI and execute to observe the response.

If status code is other than 200, try to choose Error Log or open tcode /IWFND/ERROR_LOG

Select the specific Error from error logs and choose Call Stack to find the appropriate methods to debug.

Select the specific Error from error logs and Choose Application Log to find specific information of the log to find information to troubleshoot.

Select the specific Error from error logs and Choose Backend Monitor to find issues related to backend flow which is useful sometimes.


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