Troubleshooting - SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit LTMC / LTMOM

During the data transfer process using LTMC, you might face some issues. Here, I have tried to explain some known issues which might help you.

1. Error "500 SAP Internal Server Error in LTMC".
After this error, you might find an ABAP dump in transaction ST22. Check for more details in ABAP dump to find the root cause.

This error also occurs, when your session in LTMC is inactive for a long time. Just try to execute LTMC again and see if error persist.

2. You execute LTMC however web browser displays error "Page cannot be displayed" or you don’t see SAP screen "Migrate your Data".
There could be numerous reasons for this. You need to consult with your Basis Consultant. In some cases, server/host name entries of your SAP server (to be provided by Basis Consultant) is not maintained in your hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc).
File Name = hosts
File Path = C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc

3. Message "Source record <record info> already transferred to target system" appears and your data is not transferred to target system despite of successful execution/completion.

As per design of Migration Cockpit, a legacy data record can only be migrated once for any migration object in a migration project. System keeps a track of migrated data records of each object in table "DMC_FM_RESTART". Unique record is identified by the legacy key (usually first column/s in template e.g. Legacy Sales Document, Legacy Customer ID, Legacy Material Number in different migration objects).

In test system, you can simply change the legacy key in template and do repeat uploads. In production system, you must check data carefully to avoid any duplicate data upload.

Refer SAP note "2650201 - Migration Cockpit How to create/update data records" for more details.

4. In test system, you have multiple clients and you want to execute LTMC in multiple clients for same migration project and object but unsuccessful.

LTMC is client independent. That means, migration project & objects created in LTMC in one client is visible in other clients too. However, when you execute LTMC, progress turns to 100% instantly and neither any message/log (even Information/Success message) is displayed nor data is transferred to target system.

To resolve this issue, first don’t try to execute LTMC parallel in two clients for same project and migration object. It is not possible. Second, if you are executing LTMC for same migration object in different client then first generate the runtime objects by using "Generate" button in transaction LTMOM for that object.

5. At the time of uploading file in LTMC, error "File is too big" or "File has exceeded the maximum size limit".

Refer SAP Note "2580747 - S4HANA 1610 FPS00 - FPS02 - Migration - Increase the default block". Implement the attached corrections in this SAP note.

6. Error "Maximum number of application log entries reached" at the time of Validation or Simulation activity in LTMC.

When there are many empty fields in template, above error can occur. Refer SAP Note "2581863 - S4HANA 1709 FPS00 FPS01 - Migration - Data Transfer Issues for Files with Many Empty Fields or Maximum Application Logs Reached or Cannot find migration object with GUID". Implement the attached corrections in this SAP note.

7. In LTMC, you have successfully uploaded a File however "Start Transfer" button is disabled and you cannot start the transfer process.

There could be two reasons for it:
  • You have not activated the file. Select the File and activate it. ‘Start Transfer’ button will be active only if at least one file is in status "Not Started" or "In Process".
  • For every action done in LTMC, background job/s (Transaction SM37) are executed in target S/4HANA system. In case of any background job is still active (not finished), "Start Transfer" button will remain disabled. In transaction SM37, you can check the jobs on basis of job name (LTMC batch jobs start with "/1LT/") or other parameters.

8. You can use transaction "SLG1 – Analyze Application Log" in SAP system, to check all data transfer logs of LTMC i.e. all logs (information/warning/error/success) appeared in LTMC are available in Application Logs in SAP system (Transaction – SLG1).

  • Run Transaction SLG1
  • You can find logs on basis of fields:
    • Object = DMC (All LTMC logs will appear with object=DMC)
    • External ID=Technical name of Migration Object (enter * if you don’t know)
    • From/To Date & Time
    • User = User ID of the person executing LTMC
  • Execute (F8)
  • Log will be shown.

Important SAP Notes

Below are some important SAP notes for SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit. You can have a look at these.
  • 2537549 - Collective SAP Note and FAQ for SAP S/4HANA Migration cockpit (on premise)
  • 2481235 - SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit (on premise) - restrictions and extensibility of pre-delivered migration objects
  • 2506041 - S4TWL: API RFC_CVI_EI_INBOUND_MAIN is not supported from the release S/4 HANA OP 1709 FPS2 and in Cloud Edition 1805 onwards
  • 2650201 - Migration Cockpit How to create/update data records
Step By Step Instructions To Transfer Data via LTMC (Migration Cockpit/Tool)
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  3. Part III.
  4. Part IV. 

For Custom Migration Object, Refer:
SAP Adjust Migration Object (LTMOM) - Step By Step Instructions.

For Troubleshooting, Refer:
Troubleshooting - SAP S/4HANA Migration Cockpit LTMC / LTMOM


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